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"The Chosen Few"
The Music Group "The Chosen Few" has been a major force on the Philadelphia and South Jersey music scene for the past 30 years.

Greg Martiello (leader of the group) has assembled the finest musical talents in the area.

The original group consists of three very talented guys. Along with Greg we have Mike Korpics lead guitar and excellent vocalist. His incredible voice range is the reason why the groups harmonies excel. Mike is one of the original members of the "Chosen Few" and has been with Greg for 30 years.

Next we have Tony Rastelli, lead sax, keyboards and music master, who after 10 years has become Greg's right hand man. Tony is responsible for organizing all material and instrumental for the Group's impeccable performances.

"The Chosen Few" are a very varied and versatile band whose repartois consists of music from all of the great musical eras including Motown, R&B, Country and Top 40 Standards. The Group is unique in capturing all of the particular sounds of those eras.

"The Chosen Few" are also flexible to accommodate all of your musical needs. The Group at any time can add as many musicians needed for any occasion.
chosen few featuring greg martiello
Greg Martiello

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